About Us

About us

Our homes are privately owned and managed by people with years of experience in running successful care homes. We know what makes a care home into a real home and have created safe, welcoming environments where everyone who has been entrusted to our care can live happily and with dignity.

Our story so far

Our Managing Director Eric Dixon is a well known figure in the care industry, Eric has 25 years’ experience in the sector, including 13 years helping to manage what was then Ireland’s largest private care home operator. He is very proud of Darrington Healthcare and its care homes, and of fulfilling his vision of creating a unique style of home, one in which a big investment has been made in layout, facilities and furnishings, but where the welcome is warm and the emphasis is on first class care and quality of life.

A note from Eric

Our aim is to create privately owned and managed homes where genuine, sensitive care is the top priority, and where we would be happy to see our own relatives or friends living. Everyone should have a say in how they spend their retirement years and the standard of care they expect, and we want to give people the same choices as they would in their own homes about how they live their lives.

We offer a different approach to care and it’s proving to be very popular, with the majority of our residents transferring from other homes using our simple and cost-free ‘Transfer with ease’ system. If anyone is looking for care for themselves or a loved one, we look forward to welcoming them along to one of our homes for a look round and a chat about how we can help.