Dewsbury care home celebrates Yorkshire Day in style

The 1st of August saw Oak Park Care Home in Dewsbury throw a great party to celebrate our beloved Yorkshire Day, which is all about promoting all that is great about the historic and beautiful English county of Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Day is a relatively recent tradition, set up in a bid to retain Yorkshire pride after the Government did away with Yorkshire’s three traditional ‘Ridings’ of East, West and North in 1972, and saw parts of Yorkshire transferred to Humberside and Lancashire. The term ‘riding’ is a Viking origin, derived from Threthingr, meaning a third part. Re-instating the Ridings is still a very hot topic among the older natives of Yorkshire.

1st of August proved the perfect day for a party, the weather stayed dry and warm and our residents had a fantastic afternoon, with everyone gathered in the garden to watch and take part in the activities.

Residents, family members and staff enjoyed competing against each other in a hilarious ‘Yorkshire Pudding and Spoon’ race, and a flat cap throwing competition.

Traditional Yorkshire food and refreshments were on offer, including Yorkshire tea (of course!), Wensleydale cheese and biscuits, some delicious Yorkshire parkin and custard tarts.

For main meals residents enjoyed either Yorkshire puddings filled with onion gravy, Yorkshire hot pot or tripe, plus a selection of traditional sandwiches such as potted beef (or potted dog as we call it in Yorkshire……), polony, haslet, corned beef and Mucky Fat (ask your Yorkshire relatives to explain that particular delicacy to you!). Rhubarb pie was on offer for afters, for those with an inch of room left.

Staff took part in fancy dress with an entry fee that saw all money raised going towards future residents’ entertainment and activities.

Everyone agreed that a very good day was had by all.